Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"Dream Train" a song inspired by Reesa's life.

This beautiful song was written and performed by Annie Cowden and accompanied by guitarist Trevor Price.

This song is meant to capture the the message of hope that Reesa lived for shared with others. As you listen to the words and music you can feel the emotions captured in her voice and you can't help but feel there is a reason to keep going forward in life no matter what happened in the past!

Special thanks to Annie and Trevor for sharing their talents with us! They are truly amazing artists!

Reesa's Legacy continures with Safe Hearts app!

Reesa's Legacy continues with SAFE HEARTS!

As part of Reesa's Legacy we have just introduced a FREE phone app called SAFE HEARTS. It can be downloaded at the Android or Iphone store. Once you have downloaded the app please make sure you share it with others.
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This app will be full of resources, links to support groups and phone numbers for help. (The resources are already out there. People just need to be pointed in the right direction.) It will help parents and family members, as well as classmates and friends. It will give tips and help to answer tough questions. Here are some of the topics this app will be addressing: Suicide Abuse Family Life Eating Disorders Help and resources Emotional & Mental Health Addictions Running Away Teen Pregnancy Self Harm But it won’t stop there. We want to help remove the stigma and misconceptions surrounding those that have different type of struggles in their lives. This will help educate classmates, family members and friends. We want to empower people to overcome their challenges and be an advocate to help others do the same. The app will be designed to help uplift and give daily encouragement as well as providing opportunities to volunteer and give service.

Available for free download @

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