Thursday, July 18, 2013

Some pictures of Reesa

This is one of the most recent pictures we have of her. She is so beautiful!

Reesa's favorite thing to do is to care for children; she is so nurturing. Here she is holding sweet nephew Emmytt.

Reesa on the 4th of July with a baby she was tending. She has a gift with children; a nurturing motherly instinct as if they were her own!
Reesa with Ana, she loves her cousin!

With Ana again :)

Reesa with Braxton, a boy she was she LOVES little children!

Hannah and Reesa before a family swimming trip.

Hannah and Reesa during a home photo shoot Reesa organized! Jo was Photographer!

Pre-paintball war in backyard (mountain) with Isaac.

She is gorgeous! Another shot from home photo shoot.

Hannah snapped this one during another home photo shoot last Spring.

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